The Best Doodles Created by Google

From time to time, in order to break the monotony of the Google search page, the Mountain View company develops a Doodle. This replaces the Google logo, usually for a day. It can be a still image or an animation, and some are even interactive. An entire team is dedicated to creating these Doodles! The tradition of Doodles on Google is not new: the first dates back to August 1998, even Australia Business Fax List before the creation of Google Inc. In total, more than 1000 Doodles have been created.

Putting them together, we get this: The first Doodle created by Google The first Doodle is this one. Google uploaded it on August 30, 1998. It was distributed worldwide, unlike other Doodles which are aimed at a targeted country or continent. It symbolizes Burning Man, an arts festival held in Black Rock Desert, Nevada. The first Doodle specially designed for France In some cases, Google reserves Doodles for a country, to better reflect current events or events.

The First Doodle Created by Google


The first Doodle of its kind went online on January 4, 2010, the 367th birthday of Sir Isaac Newton. We see an apple falling, of course. The first interactive Doodle to play Pac Man On May 21, 2010, the game Pac Man celebrated its 30th anniversary. And millions of Internet users have seen their productivity Australia Business Fax List reduced to nothing (for 2 days), because of Google.

A superb Doodle created for the occasion, allowing to play Pac Man on the home page of the search engine. In a word: excellent. If you want to kill your productivity a second time, you can play Google Pac Man Doodle again . The first Doodle video for John Lennon Google Doodles aren’t always pictures or interactive games. They can also be videos.

The First Doodle Specially Designed for France


The first Doodle video lasts 32 seconds and was posted on October 8, 2010, for John Lennon’s 70th birthday. A Doodle for playing the synthesizer To celebrate Robert Moog’s 78th birthday, Google has created an interactive Doodle for playing the synthesizer. Quite logical, since Doctor Moog is the inventor of the synthesizer. You can still play it and test the variations, on the Doodle Synthesizer . An Interactive Doodle for Douglas Adams You probably know The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy : one of the Australia Business Fax List most iconic geek culture books (if you haven’t read it yet, go for it).

On March 11, Google unveiled an interactive Doodle for Douglas Adams’ 61st birthday . In one number: 42. The Instant Search Doodle In general, Google creates Doodles to celebrate a birthday or a milestone. On September 6, 2010, Google posted a rather strange Doodle on the occasion of the launch of Google Instant: the functionality allowing instant search on the engine. Strange! A Doodle for playing football On the occasion of the London Olympics, Google has uploaded an interactive Doodle to play football .

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