The Best Facebook Tools

Facebook is the social network par excellence. More than a billion Internet users go there every month, including 26 million in France. The site is well designed, the features are numerous, whether you are an individual or a company. But sometimes we want to go further. To personalize his profile or to converse more easily with his friends. Many tools allow you to improve the user experience, add practical Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List features or protect your privacy. Professionals will also appreciate the tools to save time or evaluate the performance of the pages for which they are responsible.

We regularly feature Facebook tools on the blog: we’ve collected them here so you can find them more easily. The top 5 Facebook tools How to hide the mention “Seen” on the Facebook chat? On Facebook, when a friend reads a private message, you are notified immediately. The social network gives you a read receipt. But it is quite possible to deactivate it! A dedicated browser extension allows you to delete this message: your friends will no longer know when you have read their message. Discover the Facebook Seen Block tool, to hide the “Seen” mention on the Facebook chat .

The Top 5 Facebook Tools


Although this may be true, master privacy settings with Facebook Privacy Watcher Facebook privacy settings are not easy to understand. Facebook Privacy Watcher allows Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List you to take stock of the privacy of your Facebook profile. → Access Facebook Privacy Watcher . Complete list of 188 Facebook smileys smiley-facebook You are not dreaming: there are currently 188 Facebook smileys.

If the classic smileys are well known, you can also add a Santa Claus, a hamburger or even a heart pierced with an arrow on your statuses and your Facebook messages. Just copy paste these emoticons to display on Facebook. Discover the complete list of the 188 Facebook smileys . List of Facebook keyboard shortcuts It is not a tool in itself, but a handy resource in many cases. The social network supports many keyboard shortcuts to know, to access the home page, write a new status, check your messages and even access Facebook options.

List of Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List
Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List


Practice Discover the list of Facebook keyboard shortcuts . Download your Facebook photos Among the content shared on Facebook, photos are essential. But as we do not control the servers on which they are hosted, it can always be useful to register them! We offer three effective Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List tools for downloading photos: Facebook Archive, Pick and Zip and Social Photos Download. → Discover the tools for: Backing up your Facebook photos . Practical tools for your Facebook profile Search for content on your Timeline with Facewas On Facebook, users post many messages: statuses, links, photos…

Finding content is not always easy. Fortunately, Facewash does just that: it analyzes personal history to detect the desired messages. An essential application to clean your profile! → Access the application: Facewash, to search for content on its Timeline . Analyze your Facebook profile with Wolfram Alpha If professionals can easily evaluate their Facebook page, individuals are not excluded! Only you will have to go through an external tool like Wolfram Alpha. The service allows you to obtain a great deal of information to better understand your habits and practices on the social network.

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