The Best of Vine in 10 Videos (Second Edition)

Video app Vine recently announced that it has over 40 million users. While it was announced moribund after the launch of Instagram video , the service seems to have recovered well. And its users are just as creative as ever. Here’s a little medley of the network’s funniest videos, following our first pick of the best of Vine in 15 videos . And some are definitely worth the detour! JehReh’s mirror contest Belgium B2B List Vine is sometimes “magical” in the literal sense of the term… The video has had quite an impressive success, it must be said that after 10 viewings, it remains as mysterious as ever. DinoVine A very nice Vine based on fruits and dinosaurs. The crazy road accident So there we reach heights…

Jehreh’s Mirror Contest


The passenger of a car managed to immortalize this accident which is more of a stunt. The most WTF Vine since the creation of the service? Rest assured, the driver would still be alive. Spider-Man exists Spider-Man IRL! The human dog A dog, a hoodie and some kibble. The result is as Belgium B2B List surprising as it is hilarious. The BasketPool Take a few friends with Soviet gymnast coordination, a swimming pool, a basketball hoop, and here’s the result. As a reminder, there is no Edit function on Vine, which further enhances performance. trust no one A father’s life lesson to his son. Nice moral…

The gorilla and the banana A fable of the modern fountain, Vine version. The Magic Mac What if that was the big announcement for the next Apple keynote? Incredible but true ! Search giant Google seems untouchable when it comes to traffic. However, it was overtaken by Yahoo in July in the United States.

The Crazy Road Accident

Belgium B2B List
Belgium B2B List


This former major player has seen his dominant position crumble over time, but it seems that the arrival of Marissa Mayer has boosted his popularity or at least his traffic. An acquisition strategy has been put in place, with Yahoo increasing its takeovers of start-ups. Already more than 15 in 2013! The pinnacle having of course been reached when Tumblr was taken over for more than a billion dollars. Result of the races, Yahoo is Belgium B2B List therefore the most visited group in the United States according to the Comscore ranking for the month of July 2013. This has not happened for 2 years.

And again, it seems that Tumblr, which comes in 28th position, is not yet taken into account . Are we witnessing a lasting reversal of the situation? If the micro-blogging site and its 38 million unique visitors are added to Yahoo’s stats, it just might be. Behind, we find the sites of Microsoft, Facebook and AOL. Here’s the full top 30 most visited groups in July in the United States, according to Comscore .

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