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A computer wallpaper is the first thing to customize on a PC. This is an important image, because very often viewed. A study has also shown that the hill visible on the Windows XP screen background is the most famous photo in the world! If this landscape bores you, we have what you need. We regularly make selections of high definition wallpapers: 1920×1080 pixels at least to adapt to Full HD computer screens. How to change your wallpaper? Regardless of your operating system, changing wallpapers is very easy. Start by downloading the image of your choice, then save it on your hard drive.

If you are using Windows XP, go to the desktop and right click. Choose “ Customize ”: a window will open. The ” Desktop ” tab allows you to customize your wallpaper. Click on the ” Browse ” button and select the image of your choice. You can then decide to stretch your image, center it or create a mosaic effect: it all depends on the format of your wallpaper. On Windows XP as well as on other versions of Windows, a faster technique allows you to change the wallpaper. Go to the folder containing your image and select it. On Windows XP, a side pane will appear on the right.

Cinematic Wallpapers: From Star Wars to Delorean


Click ” Set as desktop wallpaper ” to apply the wallpaper. On Windows Seven and Windows 8, simply right-click on the image of your choice, then “ Choose as desktop background ”. Note that since Windows 7, you can set several wallpapers, displayed in turn. 2015 wallpapers The new year has arrived. To welcome 2015 as it should, here are 15 wallpapers! 2015-polygons-color Christmas 2014 wallpapers To decorate your PC with Christmas colours, we have selected 10 magical wallpapers. christmas-star-wars Halloween wallpapers 2014 They are terrifying, here are the Halloween 2014 wallpapers! Halloween-Wallpaper-HD-45 Football World Cup 2014 wallpapers Here we are ! Since June 12, the Football World Cup has started in Brazil. To decorate your PC with Brazilian colors, we have selected 10 wallpapers in Full HD format.

Very High Definition Wallpapers

French Business Fax List
French Business Fax List


You will even find 2 wallpapers in 4K format for giant screens! 2014-world-cup-mascot 2014 wallpapers The year 2014 is coming! Discover the best wallpapers to celebrate the new year. 2014-end-of-year-holidays Christmas 2013 wallpapers Ho ho ho, it’s almost Christmas! Check out some cool wallpapers to brighten up your PC. christmas-2013 Halloween Wallpapers: Trick or Treat? Halloween is terrifying! Check out 15 Halloween-themed wallpapers, from pumpkins to bats to zombies. An ideal selection to scare your friends! autumn wallpapers Orange, ocher and brown are in the spotlight, autumn is back! Discover our selection of 15 HD wallpapers in the colors of autumn. There is something for every taste .

Cinematic Wallpapers: From Star Wars to DeLorean We have collected 50 wallpapers on the theme of cinema: cult films, TV series and cartoons are represented there. Fans of Star Wars, Game of Thrones or Dexter Morgan, you are served! All these wallpapers are available in Full HD resolution: 1920x1080px. Very High Definition Wallpapers In some cases, the definition 1920×1080 pixels is not enough. We think of more defined screens, which are more and more present on the market, but also of PCs equipped with several screens.

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