The Best Websites of 2012 According to Time

Like every year, Time magazine has established its ranking of the 50 best websites. Obviously subjective, but not uninteresting to discover new nuggets. Because, true to form, Time intends, in addition to already well-known sites. To crown sites that may have gone unnoticed this year but could well become essential. And often rightly so! Last year. The magazine had included Pinterest in its ranking, at the time very little known .

It’s also fun to look back on the ranking of the previous year. To see if the predictions of Time as to the sites supposed to become famous have proven to be correct… For the 2012 edition, we therefore find the top 50 of Time: it is always about the sites which should ” inform you, amuse you, save you time and money – and perhaps even change your life”.

Time Magazine Has Established


So, what are these famous treasures? In the “Web tools” category, we find, for example, the remarkable If This Then That , or IFTT, which actually saves a lot of time by connecting different services to automate certain tasks. On the news and information side, Buzzfeed curiously made its Venezuela WhatsApp Number appearance in the rankings (it’s an already old site!), same remark for Let Me Google that For You in the “Bizarre” category, which has been around for a long time.

In this top 50, we can thus discover Viddy, a platform of short videos which already welcomes celebrities like Snoop Dogg or Jessica Alba, and, much more incomprehensible, the “game” Nothing gonna stop me now … Also on the menu, tools to develop your productivity or sites to consult with your family . So there is something for everyone in this ranking. E-commerce has become essential.

Addition to Already Well-known Sites

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Venezuela WhatsApp Number


In France, more than half of the population aged 16 to 74 made an online purchase in 2012. Some are of course more advanced than others, such as the United Kingdom or Germany. But in any case, the progression is constant. There are thus more than 100,000 e-commerce sites in France, with double-digit growth in overall turnover. But if e-commerce has become a reality for several years, the act of buying on the Internet remains conditioned to a privileged environment. Pack shot Creator, a photo creation studio, took an interest in the subject in a white paper entitled “ The e-business challenges of photo 2.0, from web stress to rich media ”.

They explore the new trends in e-business, in particular the web stress syndrome, which means that we quickly abandon a transaction if the environment is not adapted to our expectations. The rich media is part of the solutions to combat these brakes. The ebook is available for free via a form. Pack shot Creator of course takes the opportunity to promote its products, but the information remains generally interesting if you are interested in e-commerce.

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