The Craypion D’or, Vote for the Worst on the Web

Since their creation, the Craypion d’Or have carved out a solid reputation. This equivalent of the Razzies Awards for the web rewards each year the worst sites.. But apart from these kings of  are open to the web in general and its worst.. Online press article, Online artist, Community management, Facebook group, Municipality… Heavy. A single person cannot assume the heavy burden of deciding between the nominees.  The public is invited to come and vote for their favorite contenders. An evening will reward the lucky winners on December 19 at the Maison de la Radio. To find out more about this event, which should earn you more than a smile, we interviewed Henry Michel , the man behind the project.

Who Selects and on What Criteria These Pearls of the Internet?


Well known to the twitto sphere, you can find him on his blog. Which is not often updated but which contains some pearls not to be missed. Having a Craypion is a consecration in the web world, have you had any attempts at cheating during the votes? Destabilization operations, or espionage perhaps? No, we are particularly vigilant on the evolution of each nomination, including when submitting Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List nominees – proposals that sound like settling scores between agencies or personal revenge are never kept. No cheating in the votes.

The only mess took place during the first edition, when two rival villages and candidates first voted against each other, then suddenly voted for themselves. This steeple war has remained etched in the history.  This press clipping summarizes everything, a journalist having followed the conflict closely over several articles. Who selects and on what criteria these pearls of the internet?

This is already the 3rd edition of the Craypion

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All sites are submitted by Internet users. This year, we received more than 300 nominations in four days, and before the launch of the site we had all the submissions that arrived too late for the 2012 edition. – as I said, we avoid settling scores, but also any candidacy that is too nasty, or that would show social, cultural or other condescension. It’s not a usual precaution but a real philosophy, and it takes a lot of time for us to sort and choose the nominees. To give you an idea.

How does the voting system work? Like the GBAs, should you spam your community so that it votes daily? The voting system allows daily voting by IP address.  This was particularly the case last year when the selection focused on municipalities and terroirs. Each Internet user voted a little for his region. The winner and Craypion d’Or, the village of Beuzeville, owes its election to a very active support group.

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