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Price catalogues where every second counts We are currently facing one of the most widely used systems. And it works very well for brands this season. This tactic leads to constantly changing prices, thereby attracting  the attention of customers. Who are always looking at these offers to check if there are actually attractive discounts. Daily Offers Using this strategy, for example Saudi Arabia Phone Number List, if you have an online store, you can schedule daily offers based on the types of products you sell. In this way, you can generate or increase customer demand for said product. Often, these purchases are impulsive and quick. 5. Retargeting Many brands choose this strategy to directly engage customers as they browse the internet, which has multiplied with sales. In addition to receiving product information, customers also know which discount on a product is most beneficial to them during the sale.

Countries with the most social media the daily use

In-app discounts Using an app in an online store can be very useful for assessing customer loyalty. Announcing sales in your store app is a great strategy to promote your products to your most loyal customers. Personalized messaging Personalized messaging is also great for reaching out to your customers. You don’t need to name your client directly. Using a specific greeting, a good descriptive message, and attractive product offers are enough to attract the audience you have in mind for your brand. Qualifio is Europe’s leading interactive marketing and data collection platform. Major brands and media such as L’Oreal, Nestlé, Pepsi, Decathlon PSG or Vocento use the platform to create and publish interactive campaigns on all their digital channels, seeking to collect data, generate engagement, segment and monetize their audiences.

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The Qualifio team publishes a calendar every year as a core to help brands and media get inspired to activate. From January 1st to December 31st, no matter which sector your brand belongs to, in this calendar you’ll find the most relevant dates to revolve around fun themes like Popcorn Day, Tequila Day or Marketing campaigns on more serious dates (like Earth or Environment Day). Also the most important celebrations, sports and cultural events around the world. 2022 Calendar of Business Events: Stay Ahead of the Key Moments of the Year with 311 events, 311 opportunities to generate engagement, collect zero and first-party data and retain your audience. With this calendar, build your content strategy and plan key moments to get your brand in front of consumers.

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