The Differences Between Agencies and Advertisers in the Web Professions

If you work in the web, you have necessarily had this debate at some point with some of your peers. Agency or advertiser. Where is it good to work? The clichés are numerous on one side as on the other. We would work a lot in an agency in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. While taking a job with an advertiser would be more relaxing but more austere. There are many arguments when you enter this debate, and opinions are generally divided. Daily life inevitably changes from one agency to another or from one advertiser to another.

It is therefore impossible to draw conclusions, each case being different, depending on the colleagues, the desires, the work environment… Some trends emerge however. To identify them, we asked the opinion of several people who have experienced these two frameworks. Working volume and pressure Rumor has it that you start late and finish late when you work in an agency. Whereas with advertisers the hourly volume is more framed and fixed. Antoine agrees with this analysis, but with one caveat: “ At the advertiser, we are less dependent on the rushes inherent in the projects to be delivered to clients. Schedules are generally less fluctuating.

Working Volume and Pressure


Nevertheless, depending on the issues related to the position, the working hours can be substantial. According to William, it all depends on the structure you join: there are no rules, advertisers and agencies are all unique, but in my experience I prefer advertisers and agencies that mark the ground from the outset, whether one way or the other. “Do your job within the imposed time volume” or “do your job and if one evening you have to stay until 11 p.m., be present”. All scenarios are valid, but I prefer the  Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List last one.

I am against imposed hours, what matters is the amount of work accomplished. ” Arnaud does not decide, for him the volumes are identical: ” It’s substantially equivalent Ex presentations have simply replaced client pitches. On the other hand, the tasks are not the same: I do a lot more reporting for the advertiser. » As for the pressure related to the position, do not think that everything is rosy with the advertiser, as Antoine explains: “ I experienced a lot of pressure in all of my positions.

Expertise and Skills Acquired

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The difficulty of social media lies in understanding the issues and in measuring the ROI, which is sometimes a little difficult to perform. Do not believe that there is less pressure from the advertiser, it is just different and less linked to the clients for whom we work. “Mélanie has a clearer opinion after a bad experience: “ the pressure is terrible in the agency. Personally, that’s what scared me away, the pressure comes from everywhere, sometimes more internally than from the client ”.

The atmosphere People rollerblading in the hallways, foosball in the break room and pizza nights to wrap up the files, the image of the fun agency is quite widespread. That of the announcer where we spend our time in a suit and tie in meetings too. But on the ground, what does it look like? Arnaud finds the difference not very obvious, it varies depending on the location: “ It’s really linked to the atmosphere of the structure and not to the fact that it’s an agency or an advertiser. It may be slightly more studious with the advertiser.

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