The European Cnils Unite Against Google

The CNIL is a bit like the white knight of data protection. in the event that, the National Commission for Computing and Liberties regularly asks web giants. For clarification on their management of personal data provided by users. When Google formalized the modernization of its privacy rules on March 1 . The CNIL counter-attacked with a series of 69 questions to better understand the company’s projects. Today, the case takes another turn since the European authorities. are considering repressive and coordinated action against the research leader. In October 2012, the European CNILs united to have more influence in the negotiations. European data protection authorities have published a report pointing out the risks linked to the unification of confidentiality rules.

Modernization of Its Privacy Rules


If Google explains that this modernization allows users to better navigate, the reality is elsewhere. The American giant wants to unify its services as well as possible and cross-reference the data collected. In this way, users integrate a complete system of services including. The Ecuador WhatsApp Number management of emails, documents, relations, research… If the advantages linked to the use of several tools are very real for users. They are all the greater for Google. Which can now cross-reference the data obtained on all the services offered. The European data protection authorities therefore sent their recommendations to Google last October.

European Data Protection Authorities

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The aim was to clarify certain rules, such as the duration of data retention and the control by users of the combination of data collected. The authorities also want Google to give users the choice of identifying themselves on certain services in particular, while remaining disconnected from other services. It is hard to see Google going back on this type of measure, the company having opted for a strategy contrary to the recommendations of the European CNIL… Google had four months to react. This deadline has now expired. Faced with the lack of response (the company reaffirms its respect for European law), a working group led by the CNIL should be set up to “coordinate repressive action” before the summer. This device will be submitted to the vote of the G29, the group of European CNILs, on February 26th. Case to follow.

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