The Evolution of Web Professions in 2013, Interview With Jacques Froissant

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Jacques Froissant about the study. “Evolution of Digital professions in 2013” ​​carried out by Altaïde . A pioneer of Social Recruitment (or recruitment 2.0), he has developed with the Altaïde teams (Paris and San Francisco) an incomparable expertise in all Web 2.0 practices applied to the hunting, recruitment and HR management processes. He is, among other things, the author of the book Guerilla marketing to find a job., speaker in several specialized schools and columnist for the Express, 01NET and several other press titles.

He comes back in this interview on the evolutions of the web professions and the future trends of the sector. Thanks to him for his answers! Good reading. Altaïde has just published a survey on digital professions in 2013. Does this year mark a turning point for this sector? We are entering an industrialization of digital professions.

Which Professions Are Most Affected?


Functions are becoming more specialized, services are more and more structured, even if some companies have not yet taken the plunge. We see it on a daily basis, in relation to the requests that come to us, which are more and more specific. The origin of the study is also a large group that Cambodia WhatsApp Number asked us for an intervention on the evolution of digital professions and on the new professions that resulted from it. Do we feel more maturity, both among employees in research and in companies? Between 2000 and 2010, we saw many people get into the web out of passion and learn on the job.

We are now entering an era of maturity, where passion alone does not justify taking up a position. Companies and the market are getting structured, we see more and more training around digital, with schools like EEMI, SUPDEWEB or SUP ‘Internet. There are also specialized Masters, like at ESCCA and other traditional Business Schools. There is an awareness of the need to train people in a sharp way. Will this diploma become compulsory to enter the market, as in many sectors? The diploma will help, of course. It will take at least training courses, a time during which specialization is often done.

Shortage in All Web Professions

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An internship in a marketing team could, for example, provide the basics in community management or customer loyalty. Speakers in specialized schools are now confirmed professionals, such as at SUPDEWEB, where I teach. This allows them to train on recipes based on experience that have proven themselves, which will save them time and make them operational faster. We often talk about a shortage of profiles in web professions. Which professions are most affected?

To put it simply, there is a shortage in all web professions. More or less strong depending on the case, but no recruitment mission is easy in the field. The most penurious remain the positions of web developers. There are 50,000 missing in France. There is, however, unemployment in IT, but people are not necessarily trained in new technologies and we do not train enough people for existing needs. Then it all depends on expertise. A good SEO, for example, remains difficult to find. People with experience are not so numerous and are in great demand. This is also why many start their own business.

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