The Evolution of Website and Application Traffic in France

It’s a small revolution according to the AT Internet agency, individual website traffic fell overall. For the first time in France in 2012 (it’s not about overall Internet traffic, which is increasing). At the same time, mobile applications are achieving audience records. The study presented takes into account the measured traffic. Of a representative panel of 3,553 sites and 136 handpicked mobile applications. Strict selection criteria are put in place by the agency in order to exclude non-representative sites and applications whose audience is not regular.

Only sites whose majority of traffic is generated in France are measured, and the figures relate only to French traffic. The principle is the same for applications. Website traffic in France: -1% in 2012 Over the year, website traffic in France is therefore down 1%. This is the first time this phenomenon has occurred.

Website Traffic in France


But the trend is not entirely new. In 2011, the increase in traffic was only 1.5% over the year, due to a decline in visits in the second half. In 2010, web traffic Hungary WhatsApp Number growth in France was around 7%. This general decline is not linear over the year. Some months do better than others, especially April and October. Conversely, the summer weighed down the annual statistics. Application traffic in France: +73.9% in 2012 On the contrary, mobile applications for smartphones and tablets are on the rise.

The use of the latter jumped by 73.9% between December 2011 and December 2012. Over this period, more than two-thirds of mobile applications are on the rise. 50% of the applications recorded an increase of more than 48.6%, and a quarter of the applications saw their audience increase by more than 120%.

Application Traffic in France

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At the same time, the first quartile of websites saw their web traffic drop by at least 29.5%, while the top 25% saw their audience increase by only 12.2% at least. . A direct consequence of the successive updates of the filters and other algorithms used by Google? However, these figures should be put into perspective: the panel is not very wide, and the methods for selecting sites and applications are not precisely disclosed. And it is important to remember that the noticeable decline concerns individual websites. Nevertheless, the study shows once again that smartphones and tablets are making a significant breakthrough, and that mobile sites are not ready to replace applications on mobile devices for many uses.

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