The Ideal Service to Replace Igoogle: My Yahoo!

For years, many internet users have used iGoogle as their homepage. This is a service that allows you to aggregate a lot of data on the start page: weather, news, traffic conditions, stock market, etc. It is also possible to choose a predefined theme and carry out searches on Google in a single click. But in July 2012, Google announced the closure of iGoogle. And the countdown is almost over: iGoogle will disappear on November 1 , 2013. Since then, many Internet users have turned to similar services. We had also presented our selection of 5 alternatives like iGoogle so that you can prepare for the end of iGoogle. But another similar service won us over: My Yahoo! As you will have understood, this is an alternative to iGoogle developed by Yahoo. If you don’t want to be disoriented, that’s perfect: the design and the functionalities are similar to iGoogle.

How to Back Up Igoogle Data?


The address of the service is . Just go to this page and set it as the home page. It also exists in French: , but the functionalities are less numerous, the design is less modern. And above all, the English version allows you to import data stored on iGoogle! Having a Yahoo account is not mandatory. However, we advise you to create one for several reasons: if you want to personalize your My Yahoo page, you must be logged in. Then, if you want to find your settings on another Singapore Business Fax List computer, you will need to use your Yahoo credentials. And above all: your account allows you to import your iGoogle settings to the My Yahoo service, in just a few minutes. Practice ! How to back up iGoogle data? To back up your data stored in iGoogle, make sure you’re signed in to your Google account.

Having a Yahoo Account Is Not Mandatory

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Go to iGoogle: at the top right, click on the cogwheel to access iGoogle settings. At the bottom of the page, a button allows you to export iGoogle settings to a computer. An iGoogle-settings.xml file will then be downloaded to your PC. Then log in to My Yahoo and go here: to import your iGoogle data. So you can use your iGoogle settings or start from scratch to build your page. Many themes are available, as well as many widgets. If you are not convinced by My Yahoo, you can also try one of these 5 alternatives to iGoogle . You should find your happiness.

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