The Importance of Digital Identity in the Recruitment of Web Professions

Digital identity is a chestnut tree when it comes to employability. The important place taken by the web in our lives makes. Our online presence inseparable from our know-how and our know-how. For some sectors, this remains more theoretical than anything else. Experience and qualifications can sometimes play such a central role that digital traces become incidental.

And this for many reasons. To learn more about this, we asked several recruiters about their practices and opinions. Online presence, a first index of employability Online reference searches are increasingly common for recruiters. And the trend is even stronger in the web domain. Hence the importance of paying attention to the traces left online. Vincent Rostaing, founder of Le Cairn 4 IT, goes even further by advising candidates.

Online Presence, a First Index of Employability


Today, for a candidate in the web domain whose digital presence I consider a skill, I go beyond Google. I go so far as to do a mini audit of its digital presence in order to be able to give it some areas for improvement, in terms of presence strategy or self-branding (when the security parameters of a Facebook page are little or poorly controlled for example). I warn him in case of “potential problem”, in full transparency . “This can play against a candidate, according to Sandrine Théard: “ I look at his web presence Albania WhatsApp Number List and how he communicates on his public profiles.

If his communication is negative, exaggerated and discriminatory, there is a good chance that he will be questioned about it in an interview. But not all recruiters are followers of this practice. Lucie Girault, for example, prefers to limit herself to the information provided directly by the candidate: “ Instead, I will look for the accomplishments that person mentions on their resume. If a candidate says he created a site or participated in the community management of a page, I’ll go look. Similarly, for a candidate applying for a position related to SEO or SEM, Google will allow me to concretely assess the impact of his work.

A Showcase of His Skills

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A showcase of his skills. The advantage of many web jobs is to be able to show their skills by presenting their achievements directly online. This necessarily leaves more room for autodidacts, as long as their experience is real. I am sensitive to the way in which the candidate expresses himself and highlights his references and qualities on the different spaces he has chosen to invest (website, social networks, etc.). Creativity and originality are undeniable “pluses”. On the other hand, a good idea is worth only for its originality.

Practicing plagiarism can in some cases prove to be penalizing. “For Lucie Girault, it is above all the professional qualities that are scrutinized, not the personal life:” Poor spelling and poor or outdated aesthetic sense. It stings my eyes as a recruiter! All the rest of the personal content that can be found on the web (evening photos, political affiliation or other) does not influence my judgment because like the vast majority of my colleagues, I know how to distinguish between personal life and professional life. “And she does not forget the importance of a digital identity consistent with the position sought.

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