The Limits of Personal Branding: What Not to Do

Personal Branding has always existed. Making our person a brand, highlighting our successes, our expertise, capitalizing on our reputation… The concept is as old as the world. The use of the term itself and its omnipresence in the web media landscape is, on the other hand, relatively recent. Its appearance dates back to 1997 but its explosion in France dates from only a few years ago. We mainly talk about Personal Branding in terms of managing one’s employability, whether one is working, looking for a job or, even more commonly, when one offers services (consultant, freelance, etc.).

But that’s not quite the point, if you want to know more about the theories related to Personal Branding, I’ll let you consult the Fadhila Brahimi’s blog , entirely dedicated to the subject. As is often the case with fashionable concepts, this one has been running out of steam for a few months. Not in the background, which is always present. But in form.

Personal Branding Has Always Existed


A certain form of paranoia has set in, with, for example, the arrival of certain TumblRs specializing in the denunciation of “personal wankers”, those individuals who push logic to excess. Stirring up the wind, looking down on others, embellishing your daily life to feel alive… When it’s too much, it can quickly become unbearable. But what are the limits of the exercise? It seems that all publicity is good to take, whether good or bad. In reality, it’s not that simple. It depends on the goals sought but also Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number on the personality of each one. While some people are strong enough to take negative feedback, others don’t want to expose themselves too much.

A successful Personal Branding is largely based on the balance to be found between exposure and intimacy, between highlighting what can be positive for us and the humility necessary not to sink into permanent self-satisfaction. There is of course no absolute truth in the matter, and one can very well create a wave of discontent while doing very well, there are many examples. The I in all sauces : talking about oneself is good. But doing just that, at some point, can become very painful.

Which Is Always Present

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This is valid for articles, for statutes and for all other speeches. If you only talk about yourself without being interested in others, why do you want them to be interested in you? Permanent self-quotation: there are some people who are very strong with this point. Referring to his past analyzes is fine. But doing it constantly and especially doing just that is quite limiting. Confronting your thoughts with others is necessary, and it will be difficult for you to believe that you have invented everything in your sector.

As I said in 1997, self-quotation is fine, but it should not be abused. Humility, always: humility is too rare a quality. However, it is a mark of professionalism to sometimes know how to hide behind your work and put others forward. We rarely succeed alone, so don’t try to capture all the light yourself. Self-satisfaction in a loop: sometimes good things can happen to us. An interview in a magazine, a link on a big site, a professional success or an award… And it’s good to mark the occasion, so making it known is not trivial. The problem is that some spend their days rehashing this event.

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