The most important aspects of digital marketing

With fines of up to €20 million or 4% of annual global turnover – whichever is higher. The most Andorra Email Lists important aspects of digital marketing As a digital marketer , you need to know a lot of key legislative stuff. The following four points are the most important to ensure your online data program compliance. 1. Personal Data The first is to understand Andorra Email Lists what the GDPR and e-Privacy regulations cover. I’ve mentioned that the law applies to the data of all EU citizens, but it’s slightly more specific; it applies to their personal data.

1. Personal Data

Personal data is any user-specific data that allows them to be Andorra Email Lists identified or singled out. This includes information such as name, address, geographic location, phone number, email address or identification number. However, it also covers online identifiers that can be usernames or IP addresses. 2. Agree Perhaps the biggest change the Andorra Email Lists GDPR will make to the current landscape is the idea it agrees with. Consent must be clear, informed and free. This means that the standard cookie notices seen on most websites will no longer apply under the GDPR.

2. Agree

The law requires users to give consent through “affirmative action.” Users need Andorra Email Lists to take active steps to agree. Silence and acquiescence are not enough. User data cannot be collected until consent has been obtained. Also, because the law insists on informed consent, businesses need to tell users exactly what data is being collected, how it is Andorra Email Lists being stored, and what the business is using it for. The legislation also insists on an always-available method to opt out of tracking.

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