The Most Visited Sites in France and Around the World

While digital practices differ from country to country, there are some similarities. At the level of the most visited sites, for example: the global domination of search engines and social networks is very real. Several tools make it possible to know the most visited sites in the world; to present this ranking, we based ourselves on the Alexa site , which has the merit of taking into account many countries. If the method of calculation used is not clearly established, the criteria used are daily visitors, as well as pages viewed last month. The world map of the most visited sites by country This world map allows you to view the most visited site in each country. Google dominates globally in Western countries while Facebook is very present in Africa. Other sites continue to resist invaders, such as Yandex in Russia, in Kazakhstan, Baidu in China… and even the search engine Yahoo!, still the leader in Japan.

The World Map of the Most Visited Sites by Country


The most visited websites in France In France, we see a large place for social networks and news bulletins within the most visited sites. Blogging platforms, as well as certain services are also represented. Several telephone operator sites are also part of the top 25. The reference figures for Malaysia WhatsApp Number the progressions and regression in the ranking date from April 2012. 25. Tumblr +14 The network of blogs, quick to install, quick to update, accesses the 25 most visited sites in France. He grabbed 14 places in the French ranking. 24. Team +2 L’Equipe is the most visited sports site in France. He also progressed during the year, to break into the top 25. 23. +1 The Yellow Pages site remains a reference for easy access to the contact details of a company, a public body or an individual. 22. SFR +6 The telephone operator is entering the ranking, but remains behind vis-à-vis the historical competitor, Orange, and even Free. 21.

The Most Visited Websites in France

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The blogging platform, also moved up to 21st place. The site remains in front of Tumblr but the progress of the latter will be monitored in the future. 20.OverBlog – 1 Another site allowing you to create and host your own blog: OverBlog, the French platform, lost a place in the rankings but remained in the top 20. 19. Viadeo The professional social network has remained stable since last April, in 19th place in the ranking. It remains behind its competitor LinkedIn. 18. Le Figaro +3 If paper newspapers sometimes struggle to adapt to digital, many general information sites are progressing; this is the case of the Figaro. 17. Dailymotion +1 The French video-sharing platform remains well behind its American competitor YouTube, but continues to progress in France. 16. How It Works -2 The community site allows you to find a solution to all your computer problems, or almost. It fell two places in the French ranking. 15. +2 Like Le Figaro, the Le Monde site is progressing in the rankings, and has reached the top 15 of the most visited sites in France.

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