The News of the Week: a Cm Badger, Social Tv, Twitter News…

It’s Friday, the weekend is fast approaching. But are you sure you haven’t missed any of the week’s web news? To take stock quickly, we offer a quick summary of the topics not covered on this blog. On the program for this edition, a community manager badger, advertising, smart drones, homemade spread and even a motor sports social network. Something to shine in the evening before the Antigua and Barbuda B2B List recovery on Monday! Johannesburg Zoo uses a real badger as Community Manager! Incredible but true, an animal could do the job of a community manager. Many thanks to Johannesburg Zoo from the entire profession. This is obviously a shortcut, the badger in question is content to live tweet via sensors detecting its various activities. He’s not a community manager at all, actually. We are reassured. Open letter to startups without a business model Offering services online is good.

Johannesburg Zoo uses a real badger as Community Manager!


But you still have to be sure that they can be sustainable… Since free is not a model, you have to agree to sometimes pay a few euros for a service that you consider useful. But also to charge when you are a start-up! Twitter now shows sites that have tweeted on their pages New to Twitter, you can now see which sites have added a particular tweet to one of their posts. Convenient especially for shock Antigua and Barbuda B2B List statements, such as Obama’s “Four more years” when he was elected. Not sure we use this feature every day, but still good to know! [Infographic] Social TV: more than 75% of young people comment on online programs Uses of social media vary greatly from one population to another. It seems that young people use these spaces a lot to comment on TV programs.

Open Letter to Startups Without a Business Model

Antigua and Barbuda B2B List
Antigua and Barbuda B2B List


The famous second screen has a bigger place than ever in homes! interview Interview with Eric Dupin, whom you probably know through his Presse-Citron blog, on a new site that came out recently. This time, and as its name suggests, the site specializes in drones. This interview will allow you to learn more about the editorial line of Smart drones and the personal experiences of its creator.

The 12 best French advertisements of the week! An overview of the best advertisements of the Antigua and Barbuda B2B List moment is always a pleasure! On the program for this edition, video with Volkswagen, Ibis or Nespresso, but also print with United Nations World Day or the City of Architecture and Heritage. 5 online tools to put off your reading The Internet allows us to have access to many interesting articles, everywhere, all the time. But not always at the right time. So to avoid forgetting to come back to what you had put aside, using a tool to keep them warm can be a good idea. That’s good, here are 5. The Windows Store passes the 100,000 app mark And during this time, without making noise, the Windows Store exceeds the bar of 100,000 applications and begins to have a choice far from being ridiculous.

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