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Like every week, here is our blog review! In reality, we haven’t been the most diligent in recent days week months this year. But the arrival of summer is an opportunity for us to reopen the section! And this week, the news was rather rich: new Facebook , video on Instagram , release of the Guide des Métiers du Web … The bloggers also tackled many subjects. From Feedly’s IFTTT integration to thoughts Saint Lucia B2B List on new monitoring practices, here’s our Friday blog review.

Feedly integration on IFTTT This week, the RSS feed reader Feedly announced to be autonomous. He previously used the Google Reader API, doomed to disappear: only 10 days left, the end of an era! Feedly took advantage of this announcement to present a new partnership: from now on, you will be able to use recipes linked to Feedly on IFTTT, to automate many tasks on the web .

Feedly Integration on Ifttt

To discover at Ballajack. 26% of French people overwhelmed by new technologies Every day, web services present novelties, new products are marketed and new technologies Saint Lucia B2B List are developed. It’s not always easy to stay up to date! According to a Grenade & Sparks study, 26% of French people feel overwhelmed by new technologies. 57% of them are over 50 years old. To discover at Vincent Abry. The 3 favorite sites of Fred Cavazza Regularly, Fred Cavazza presents his favorite sites.

Different web services, which are out of the ordinary by their design, their ergonomics or their function. This month, Fred introduces us to the thoughtful design of an online store, a highly visual women’s mountain bike manufacturer, and a content management platform with a minimalist design. Monitoring: towards new practices? In 10 days, Google Reader will close . The end of the service caused a stir at the time. Since then, many have turned to other RSS feed readers, such as Feedly. But should we always talk about monitoring through the prism of technology?

The 3 Favorite Sites of Fred Cavazza


Saint Lucia B2B List
Saint Lucia B2B List


Camille Alloing presents her thoughts on the subject, a fascinating post Project Loon: connecting to the Internet with balloons We were talking about it recently on the blog: Google would develop a solution to connect to the Internet with balloons in the atmosphere . It’s now official! On his blog, Frédéric Pereira presents the “Loon Project” to us. The latest from the Google X laboratory after Google Glass and the autonomous car, the project is already being tested in New Zealand.

I tested a Promoted Trend on Saint Lucia B2B List Twitter On the occasion of the day without tobacco, the League against Cancer has decided to pay for a sponsored trend, with the hashtag #JourneeSansTabac. Romain Santiago comes back to this operation: choice of the day, choice of hashtag, associated tweets… A report to be consulted on the specialized blog My Community Manager. A GIF that should bring back memories Back to the future with Matthieu Flex: on his blog, Publigeekaire presents a GIF that should bring back memories.

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