The Nsa Reportedly Collected 250 Million Address Books in 2012

Google is getting a lot of criticism these days when it comes to data privacy. As of November 11, the Mountain View company will be able to associate your name, first name and photo with advertisements. Luckily, you can disable this option in Google+ settings . But it seems that Google is not the bad student of the week when it comes to privacy. According to the Washington Post, the USA Business Fax List NSA could collect 250 million address books per year. This estimate is based on an internal NSA document , unveiled by Edward Snowden. It details a number of data collected by the American organization.

Google Is Getting a Lot of Criticism These Days


Profile photos of contacts, and even the content of emails. On January 10, 2012, the NSA would have collected the information of 444,743 contacts via Yahoo. But this is not the only service targeted: 105,068 contacts USA Business Fax List were recovered via Hotmail, 33,697 via Gmail and 22,881 via another messaging service. Facebook is also involved, with 82,857 registered profiles. We are thus approaching the bar of 700,000 contact files, or 250 million over one year.

Most of this information would relate to American citizens. They would be collected outside the United States to respect. The American laws in force on the American territories. In order not to be accountable to service providers, they would be collected when information circulates. When a user connects to a service, writes a message or synchronizes his data between several terminals, when the server is located abroad. In a few days, Halloween will be back.

This Estimate Is Based on

USA Business Fax List
USA Business Fax List


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