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Featured snippets
if we talk about the difference between rich snippets and feature snippets, then of course we should also discuss feature snippets. Feature snippet is one type of serp in the form of a snippet of one of the search results that is relevant to the keywords entered by the user. Even though google doesn’t provide featured snippets for all keywords, websites that manage to get this snippet are often referred to as ranking because the featured snippet is above the serp.

Importance of featured snippets for seo

the search summary results that appear in the definition box will be at the very top of the search results page. Internet users generally also don’t want to bother looking for the most complete page, if google has provided recommendations.

When featured snippets were first launched, seo experts were concerned Greece Phone Number about how summarizing and displaying answers could have a negative impact on their website’s ctr. This concern is not without reason. This is because summarizing content from google is still not well mapped.

Another question then is, what if the content is good but still doesn’t appear in the snippet? Based on research conducted by search engine land, featured snippets are not bad, but can actually increase ctr.

How to make a content featured snippet
here’s how to make content a featured snippet:

create a content structure that search engines like

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the first way is to create content with a structure that search engines like. If you are confused, you can create content based on 5w+1h (what, who, when, where, why, and how). If transferred to indonesian, it means what, who, when, where, why, and how.

Finding good keywords for featured snippets
doing keyword research has many benefits. One of them is for featured snippets. When doing keyword research, keep in mind that keywords with high search volumes have a higher chance of getting featured snippets. For keyword research, you can use various existing tools. It’s easiest to use google trends because it’s free.

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