The Spanish Linking Realities closes its first round of financing

A Spanish startup that works in relation to the metaverse environment. Has closed its first round of financing for 260,000 euros. An operation  by FI Group , a consulting firm specializing in providing advice to companies in Poland WhatsApp Number List relation to the management of R&D&i financing. Likewise, advisors such as the former CEO of L’Oréal The Spanish Linking, Jean Clauteaux, are participating in this round; the former vice president of Habbo Hotels, Simonetta Lulli; the innovation lead of Mediapro , Carlos Solana, and the general director of The Net Street , Jorge Blasco. The resources obtained from this round of financing will be destine. Mainly, to the development of artificial intelligence tools , as well as to the commercialization of its services. The founders of Linking Realities, which has a work team of eight people.

The origin of Linking The Spanish Linking

Expect more rounds of financing for this 2022 with the purpose of continuing to grow within this particular universe. The origin of Linking Realities.  The company emerged in 2020 in Barcelona, ​​led by Cai Felip and Jordi Conejero. Based on the idea of ​​uniting elements from the real world with the virtual. Linking Realities is specialized in creating avatars. To act within the virtual worlds of its clients, so they are totally B2B. As they explain on their website, «Our vision is to become the connector between realities and metaverses , promoting the conversion from 2D to 3D and mobility between social networks. We are ready to blur the thick line that currently divides the real world from the virtual.” Currently, Linking Realities, which operates through the Union Avatars brand.

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Some agreements with video game creators and immersive platform developers not only in Spain, but also internationally. Offering them monthly licenses for the implementation of their systems. For creating these identities adapted to the user’s image within the currently existing virtual worlds, as well as those. VaultHill, ClubMixed, VRChat and Somnium , among others, are some of the national and international companies that collaborate with Linking Realities in this regard. “The identities, represented through the avatars, are going to be the point of union and communication between the metaverses or platforms. We visualize identities as a storage point for data, assets and elements that will allow us to migrate our person from one space to another and adapt it to the target platforms” , says Cai Felip , who is CEO of the company.

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