The Technical Characteristics of the Most Popular Sites

Built With is a service that crawls millions of sites around the world to learn more about the technologies they use. They have just released a study with the MOZ site to highlight the technologies most often used and their links with the referencing of these sites. We will focus in Paraguay WhatsApp Number List this post on the first part, namely the most common technologies for the million most visited websites. With a sample of this size, hard to fiar emore representative… Sharing buttons have become essential on websites. Rare are the pages that do not offer to be shared on social networks. And yet, that doesn’t always make sense… But which are the most common? Facebook of course, installed on 26% of sites. Surprisingly.

Sharing Buttons Have Become Essential on Websites


Google Plus (16%) takes second place ahead of Twitter (14%). social-widget On the hosting side, it is the American GoDaddy who wins the day with 8% of the most popular sites that are customers with them. Rackspace and Blue Host follow. accommodation A CMS comes out a big winner. And unsurprisingly, it’s WordPress, which powers 20% of the sites! It is ahead of Joomla and Drupal, which are far behind.. After Yahoo , it’s TIME ‘s turn to revisit the year 2013. In total, 54 top 10s were made, because Paraguay WhatsApp Number List the top 10s are fashionable in 2013. The themes chosen are very varied: entertainment, pop culture, social networks, business, high-tech, sport, health, politics, current affairs and science… Here are the main Top 10 produced by TIME in connection with the web and social networks. top-10-time Top 10 best tweets of 2013 For TIME, the tweet of the year was shared by twitter himself.

On the Hosting Side

Paraguay WhatsApp Number List
Paraguay WhatsApp Number List


The social network announced its IPO, and inevitably the announcement made a lot of noise: soon 15,000 retweets and 3,500 favorites. We’ve confidentially submitted an S-1 to the SEC for a planned IPO. This Tweet does not constitute an offer of any securities for sale. September 12, 2013 Among the other tweets cited by TIME, we note that of Hasan Syed, who offered himself a sponsored tweet Paraguay WhatsApp Number List to complain about British Airways ; Warren Buffett’s first tweet, “Warren is in the house,” and of course that brilliant Oreo intervention during the Super Bowl. On Twitter, some messages stand out… But that’s not always a good sign. TIME has therefore produced a top 10 of the worst tweets shared this year. One thing is certain: some should think twice before writing their messages. This is particularly the case of Joyce Evans, who dared this:

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