The Top 100 Online Presence of Brands in France

For the second consecutive year, the Factory NPA offers its top 100 of the digital influence of brands in France. The study focuses on a selection of brands that. Have made numerous media investments in France in the first quarter of 2013. 17 criteria are then taken into account to establish the ranking. Extent of the digital territory, activity on the platforms, size of the community, activity on social networks… Top 5 brands on Facebook To establish the ranking of brands on Facebook, the Factory NPA took into account Mexico B2B List many parameters: size of the community, activity and commitment of fans, conversations…

Nutella has the most active community in the sample, while L’Oréal, Orange and Mixa offer a lot of content, from promotions to games and tips for use. Nutella Orange L’O real Mixa Audi Top 5 brands on Twitter Sarenza Audi savings bank Agricultural credit Sony Music On Twitter, Sarenza retains the top spot.

Top 5 Brands on Facebook


The community is not very large, but the commitment is at its highest. The company generates 4.5 times more retweets than Mac Donalds, while its followers are 251 times fewer! Top 5 brands on YouTube and Dailymotion On video sharing platforms, it is quite logically Universal Music that wins. His videos are viewed 448,000 times on average. An average that benefits from certain successes, such as “So we dance” by Stromae which has 38 million views.

Other companies stand out. This is particularly the case Mexico B2B List for Peugeot, L’Oréal, Orange and Nintendo France. Universal Music Peugeot Automobiles L’O real Orange Nintendo France Top 5 mobile brands The Factory NPA also assessed brands’ mobile presences.

Top 5 Brands on Twitter

Mexico B2B List
Mexico B2B List


Orange and SFR logically monopolize the first two places.  Only 10% of major brand websites do not have a site optimized for browsing from a tablet. Orange SFR Red Bull Audi Hewlett-Packard Top 10 brands on Mexico B2B List social networks The Factory NPA then aggregated the various results obtained on social networks and on mobile to establish an overall ranking.

Orange Audi L’Oreal Agricultural credit Air France Peugeot Automotive Bouygues Telecom Hewlett Parkard Samsung France seat Find all the rankings (a top 20 for each network), the general top 100 of brands and the conclusions of the survey on this presentation. 2nd edition of the Top 100 of the digital influence of brands by La Factory NPA from Philippe .

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