The Ultimate Internet Short

It’s the Pub event of the day, and it’s quite huge. Orangina has entrusted the keys to a short film to Studio Bagel and Golden Mustache. Two of the teams of Youtubers (and more broadly two video studios) most popular online. All to make fun of the Internet very largely with geeky and overly popular Barbados B2B List references. A big blow in terms of brand content, which should break viewing records.

The whole thing is 14 minutes all the same, we are far from the fast viral video. It is a real dense and very well made short film. The story ? A man has stolen the sacred at sign, a powerful and dangerous ring. He captured Facebook and forced it to reveal all his secrets, then proclaimed himself lord of the web and raised an army of local girls and lolcats to reign terror. Our heroes will therefore have to tackle it! All the clichés, customs or habits related to the uses of the web today are present, with an obvious target, young people.

A Big Blow in Terms


We are entitled to Doctissimo which diagnoses cancers for anything and everything, to the Nyan Cat which flies in the sky, to the girls in your region who appear everywhere like pop-ups, to people who photograph their food, to videos of poor quality, ridiculous nicknames, people losing Barbados B2B List their dignity in stupid videos… Demonstration of extimacy or intimacy, profile photos on social networks often contain recurring clichés.

These stereotypes make it possible to draw up certain profiles, more or less seriously, on what this photo reveals of the person. We all remember the now famous “MySpace angle”, which shows that certain social networks have their own specificities in terms of profile photos. Recently, we were able to determine the characteristics of the Twitter Angle , a trend that is confirmed in the field if you are a keen observer.

Which Should Break Viewing Records

Barbados B2B List
Barbados B2B List


An infographic from mylife lists the 10 most common profile pictures and what they mean. This is obviously to be taken with humor, but some interpretations are not so far from reality. The duck face: we can still see it, it had its heyday a few years ago and still persists today. Except that Barbados B2B List everyone does it and it gets pretty ridiculous. The couple photo: you display your romantic relationship to all your friends, it’s cute but some of your friends must probably hate you.

It can also show that you have no life. The cropped photo: You have cropped a photo of yourself with other people, either because you don’t like them but you are good in them, or because they are shading you. The photo of the past: this kind of dated photo in which you are not recognized. You long for your younger years and are, apparently, rather boring. The pet photo: your cat or your dog is your whole life, you put it in profile photo and you erase little by little behind, until… disappear. Mister muscle: swollen biceps, perfect abs, you worship your body and your muscles, in a somewhat narcissistic way.

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