The Universal Formula for Profitable Belize Mobile Number

Synchronous processing method Obviously, the batch import function in the case is design based on the logic of synchronous processing. When the user operates, the front-end will send a request, Belize Mobile Number and the back-end must process the request content before returning the result to the front-end. During the backend response to the request, if the user closes the interface, the processing will be interrupt. Only supports a single import of up to items. Assuming that the operation needs to send coupons to users. Belize Mobile Number It means that he needs to batch import on the operation platform to send all the data. The target is import; operating classmates, it’s crazy.

During the Backend Response Belize Mobile Number

The current architecture of the operating platform supports a maximum response time of 8 seconds for a request. If the batch import data fails to complete the processing of the response Belize Mobile Number within 8 seconds, the request will respond with a timeout, and the result of processing failure will be return immediately. We can find that when the user operates, the front-end will initiate a request, requiring the back-end Belize Mobile Number to respond immediately, and give the processing result within a “certain period of time. The amount of data import in a single batch can only be limit to about. How can I get rid of the limit

The Amount of Data Import Belize Mobile Number

Belize Mobile Number
Belize Mobile Number

The company’s operating colleagues need to send coupons to a large number of designate users every month, in units of tens of thousands. They can only organize the user data into Excel tables. Belize Mobile Number And then import the data in the tables into the operation platform in batches. However, the function of batch importing and sending target data on the operation platform. In order to ensure that all this can be complete within a “certain period” and return to the front-end processing results, the amount of data Belize Mobile Numbers import in a single batch can only be limit to about. How can I get rid of the limit of items import in batches?

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