Articles of the Week: Social Tv, Selfies and Patent Trolls

Like every Friday, we have selected the best web articles we have read this week. If you were too busy, here is a good way to find the highlights of the week. In the first place, happy reading and have a nice weekend! blog The sad news of the week: RIP Colonel Meow The best often leave first. One of the internet memes, Colonel Meow has left us. RIP. The Geek lesson of the week: the history of high-tech symbols symbol-power Iceland WhatsApp Number List We see them and use them every day, usually without understanding their meaning. Then, the symbols of high-tech devices. Coreight explains them to us and comes back to the meaning of the Power, USB, Ethernet logo… To read! The troll of the week: he buys old Lycos patents and attacks Google google bs Here is a barely believable story.

The Sad News of the Week: Rip Colonel Meow


An obscure company has bought up old patents belonging to Lycos, and is now accusing Google of infringing those patents. And she just won in court. Verdict: Google Iceland WhatsApp Number List must pay the astronomical sum of 1.36% of ad words revenue between 2012 and 2016. This practice is called patent trolling. Debate of the week: Are PC and Mac users different? pcmac Among the recurring debates that we hear very (too) often, the PC / Mac battle has a place of choice. Each camp generally has strong and not always very honest arguments. And yet, the users of the 2 systems would be closer than they think, it’s science that says it! Website of the week: build with Chrome lego chrome Chrome and LEGO bring you this awesome collaboration that lets you “play LEGO” right from Chrome.

The Geek Lesson of the Week

Iceland WhatsApp Number List
Iceland WhatsApp Number List


It’s very well done and completely integrated into the browser. Warning, highly addictive. Study of the week: amazing selfies Selfies have taken over the internet, and this study attempts to understand how and why. It will not revolutionize the universe but the presentation is as pleasant Iceland WhatsApp Number List as it is well constructed. Analyzing Selfies from Tim Stock Analysis of the week: Social TV trends kriisiis-social-tv-2014Blogger  had been rare lately, but he’s back, thanks in particular to his co-editor Laura Molina.

On his blog, this week a very complete and very interesting study on social TV: tools, formats, trends, good practices… To read if you are interested in the subject. Discovery of the week: how are Doodles made? doodle Vanity Fair went to meet the creator of a latest Doodle put online by the search engine. And the account of the creation of this Doodle is particularly instructive. Related topics.  Do you use a Samsung smartphone and want to uninstall Bixby? There is a fairly simple procedure that can completely disable Samsung’s virtual and voice assistant. Disable Bixby from your phone’s side button Sometimes considered intrusive and less efficient than other assistants, Bixby is struggling to convince Samsung users.

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