The Year 2013 According to Yahoo: the Best Tumblrs and the Most Popular Keywords

Each year, search engines publish a summary of the most searched keywords. A good way to highlight the trends and key events of 2013. This year, it’s Yahoo that opens the ball, by publishing – very early – its ranking. From the most searched keywords to the most popular Tumblrs, here is the year 2013 according to Yahoo. In the first place, yahoo-logo-change Top 10 searches on Yahoo in 2013. The first ranking unveiled by Peru WhatsApp Number List Yahoo concerns the most searched keywords. Miley Cirus , who dethrones Kim Kardashian thanks to the MTV Video Music Awards. Kim Kardashian .

who remains at the top of the rankings thanks to the arrival of her child. Kate Upton , top model of the year. Minecraft , an addiction for 75 million players. Selena Gomez , who can also thank the MTV Video Music Awards. Obamacare , the political badbuzz of the year. Amanda Bynes , who will have made headlines on social networks. Jodi Arias , accused of the murder of Travis Alexander, iPhone 5 , the most wanted smartphone of the year. Justin Bieber .

Top 10 searches on Yahoo in 2013


Moreover, no trace of One Direction in this ranking. miley cyrus Top 10 high-tech searches on Yahoo in 2013 At the high-tech level, the most sought-after products and concepts this year are as follows. We quickly notice the hegemony of Apple in this ranking… iPhone (all models combined) Samsung (all models also) Siri, Apple’s personal assistant iPad Cases, for those who want to protect their tablet Peru WhatsApp Number List Snapchat, whose popularity exploded at the end of the year Google Glass, the most anticipated connected glasses Apple iPad, the most popular tablet BlackBerry Z10 Cloud computing iPad 5 Top 10 most searched events on Yahoo in 2013 The events of the year, according to Internet searches. As soon as, the trial of Jodi Arias Obamacare The Boston Marathon Bombings The birth of the Royal Baby The trial of George Zimmerman The war in Syria North Korean missiles .

Top 10 High-tech Searches on Yahoo in 2013

Peru WhatsApp Number List
Peru WhatsApp Number List


The arrival of the new Pope The Paula Deen Trial Arrest of Aaron Hernandez Boston The best news photos Yahoo has made a complete Tumblr that brings together the best news photos of the year . To discover all the photos selected by Yahoo, it’s here . photos-year-2013 The most popular Tumblrs of 2013 Now that Tumblr has fallen into the hands of Yahoo, the company can publish its top 10 Peru WhatsApp Number List most popular Tumblrs. They are just excellent! Reasons My Son Is Crying This Charming Charlie Hot Dog Legs Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things The Worst Room Throwing Cats Bridles Emojinal Art Gallery Exploding Actresses Yacht Cats Buzzfeed Articles Without the GIF Related topics: Search engines / Trends Share the article Post a comment The best productivity tools

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