This part the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the company will be analyzed. Find out

More about the swot analysis in our post. Select actions once the swot analysis is finished, it is essential to select the most important actions and implement them according to their importance, impact on the business and probability of their occurrence. Perform in came analysis you already know which actions are most important, so the next step is to perform a came analysis. In this case, actions will have to be taken based on what we show you in the image: what is a came analysis and how is it done? Once the actions have been implemented, it will be necessary to check if they are being carried out correctly.

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Learn from the best Nigeria phone number professionals in online marketing I want to sign up! Came analysis stock types as we have explained before. The swot analysis is implemented to know the business situation. An analysis that can be used in almost any situation and that. Serves to have an overview of what is happening in the business. When we get all this and as you have .Seen in the previous image. It is time to apply the acronym: correct, confront. Maintain and exploit, the guidelines to act in .Each of the aspects of the swot matrix. What does each action consist of? Correct. This means eliminating the weaknesses or at least taking the necessary. Measures that are in our power so as not to have. To deal with them and they do not influence the development .Of the business plan again.

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Address threats this is

Preventing the same threats from going one step further, becoming weaknesses.Maintain strengths: just as we eliminate threats. We will maintain strengths by keeping .Everything positive that can influence the business. With us. As a result we will have a competitive advantage. Exploit opportunities: this is related to the. Previous point in the sense that it allows. You to create strategies and plan actions to turn them into strengths. Came analysis strategies if we take into account everything read so far and combine the internal and external elements .Of the swot analysis, we will have as a result the 4 strategies to carry out the. Came analysis: offensive strategy this strategy, also known as .Market attack and positioning , is about uniting strengths and opportunities.

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