Three Services to Remove Red Eyes From Photos

Who has never seen their best photo ruined by the disastrous red eyes caused by the camera flash? Despite the devices that now exist, it still happens that unsightly red dots replace the pupils. To correct this we can turn to photo editing software. But we can also use small services, online or not, which will greatly simplify the work. To quickly and easily correct red eyes in your photo. Here are three services that will restore their beauty to your pupils… Remove red-eye in Windows The Windows photo gallery, as basic as it is. Allows you to do some editing directly without having to go through software or another online service. Guaranteed time savings! The only condition is to be under Windows 7.

Remove Red-eye in Windows


The editing features are in the ” Windows Live Photo Gallery ” program, accessible in the Start menu or when you open an image file, via the “Edit, Organize or To share “. Simply select the “Red-Eye” option, then select the area to be corrected. Red-eye will be automatically UK WhatsApp Number corrected. The result is rather clean and fast. For example, with the photo that illustrates the Wikipedia article on the red-eye effect : Fix Red Eyes Fix Red Eyes is an online service dedicated solely to red-eye removal.

After selecting your image by clicking on “Browse Files”, drag the small black square over an eye to be corrected, and repeat the operation on the other. Then click on Fix-it! and your red eyes will be erased and replaced with the correct color. You can then download the corrected photo. The very useful Foto Flexer is a fairly complete service that allows many photo retouching, including red-eye correction.

The Windows Photo Gallery

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The retouching is of excellent quality, and again, the tool is very easy to use. Once your photo is uploaded, select the red-eye correction tool, and click in the center of each eye whose color is wrong, then on “Done”. You can then download the snapshot in PNG or JPG format. Some buried Google a little too quickly. With the arrival of Facebook, doubts about the ability of the search giant to cope with the wave of social networks have been real.

A few failures later (one thinks in particular of Google Buzz) and while Facebook sees its number of members continue to climb exponentially, the events nevertheless give Google the winner by KO of this duel of giants. Facebook lost a large chunk of its market valuation, dropping from over $100 billion when it went public to almost half that a few months later. Google, for its part, has never done so well.

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