Three Sites to Make Your Dreams Come True

Life is too short. This observation keeps coming back. But it’s up to us to take advantage of this time. Some give themselves life goals, bet everything on their family, capitalize on their faith or even drown in work. There is obviously no right answer to existential questions. The key is to have no regrets and to be sure of your choices! Fashion is in the quantified self for some. In other words, measure every aspect of your life, share them and draw conclusions. A way to have (too?) full control over what surrounds us. A well-known and softer variant is to list everything we would like to do in our life. This list of 50, 100 or 1000 things serves as guidelines for our free time, guiding certain decisions and allowing us to plan and appreciate the things that are out of the ordinary.

Life Is Too Short


Many have started one, but very often this list on paper is lost and we even forget its existence. This problem can be solved easily thanks to various sites which propose Thailand WhatsApp Number to hold the accounts for you. You will find all the tools you need to manage your to-do-list of a lifetime, with suggestions, opportunities to share or enrich your list. A good way to set your own achievements. Here is a selection of three sites that will accompany the realization of your dreams. My50 This site allows you to open a public profile (or not) which lists all your desires. Once an action has been completed, you can specify that the goal has been achieved.

Browse the Lists of Other Members

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Thailand WhatsApp Number


For inspiration, you can browse other people’s lists or suggestions by categories. Quite complete, but in English. My Bucket List Here again, the goal is to draw inspiration from the community and its desires to build your list. Browse the lists of other members or enter your desires directly. All you have to do is make them.  The design is a little more geared towards teenagers, but the spirit is the same. Some lists are highlighted, but you can also consult random ideas, get information (videos, photos, descriptions) of popular dreams, find out how many people are trying to do it… And of course create your own list. All you have to do is motivate yourself! Listing is good, doing is better.

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