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Applications then we will go to applications. Where you can see there are many applications. This is incredible. Here you can list by category: accounting. Analytics. Crm. Etc. For example lead . We’ll find clickfunnels. We’ll find . So there’s a lot of apps. Over 150. That you can enjoy. Reporting and creating email marketing in reporting and campaign creation in reporting now. These are campaign reports. You can see that i sent the campaign. We have open rates. Click-through rates. And engagements here. You can click here and get a more detailed report: business hours trend. Business day trend. You can see the message. It is this message that i am sending. You can watch openings and readings.

How many times has it been Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers opened and so on. Large amounts of data. Clicks. The link with the most clicks. It is interesting ! Geographically mainly from france. The united states and canada. Socializing. Apparently without results. Update. Unsubscribe. Unsubscribers can view it here. There are also mail clients. So gmail is the most commonly used. Then there’s the report. So these are campaign reports. The event is here. Here you can see all the campaigns i’ve created. You can obviously create a new campaign. Here you can copy the campaign. Save it as a template. Delete it. We can even postpone the election. Return option. So create a new campaign based on this campaign.

Can’t Here Because

The segmentation is too complicated. But in another example i think i can. Here i can. Resend to contacts that have not been read or opened or to new contacts. We’ll quickly create a new activity. The test activity. So yeah. Just before the type. So it’s a standard campaign. You can create an autoresponder campaign. So this is not used much. And it is not recommended for everyone to use it. You can split test up to 5 activities and other features: rsl-triggered or date-based. Then select the desired list. You can even segment like i send to these customers and then i can create a segment with conditions like those who are on the list and clicked on such links or did not open such emails or .

Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers
Such activities. In the end. There are really a lot of things here or there are sizes and so on. You can really segment as you see fit. It’s really powerful. We do next. Here you can choose an email template. Your saved emails are there. Therefore. We will choose this template for christmas. Mail subject. Merry christmas. So this is already formatted. Of course you can change the content here. You can bold. Underline. Italic. Center or not bold. Add or insert images. Add links that you can also follow later. If a user clicks a link. I’ll add a label. It allows to put them into automation etc later on. Very powerful ! Here you can choose the background. Link color. Theme. Width.

And More

It’s unbelievable. Here are all the blocks. You can drag and drop blocks of text. Images here. Buttons. You can also save blocks. I saved this button. You can delete. Here you have other options: copy. Create condition. Email address is equal to adding condition. This is really good. Save to content library. Hide or unhide on mobile if needed. Compared to a conditional block. For example. You could say: only show this to people with the label x . And that’s it. It’s very powerful. Then you see. You can also configure the button and do a lot of things with it. Links – add links. Fonts. Font sizes. Backgrounds. And more. In these blocks. We also suddenly have a video section here. A space for the video.

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