Tips For Social Marketing That Rakes in Brand New Business

Analyze the growth, quality and movement of users on your website, to detect if it generates the traction it should and if not, analyze the reason, since sometimes it is not the product itself, but how we present it. after launch Use geolocation to see which markets respond best to your product, and be able to locate hot spots geographically. What data is going to help us with is creating products, unique and personalized moments for each client, and this is one of the projects that the H&M brand is working on in collaboration with Google.

Social Marketing Tips – 3 Reasons Why Social Marketing Can Explode Your Internet Business

Would you like to wear a press that expresses your personality? Your humor? Is it based on different parameters only yours? The project is called Coded Couture and is based on a mobile application that analyzes data from your last week in Oman Phone Number List terms of lifestyle, activity, where you go, with whom, eating style, the weather in the city where you live… with the The objective of being able to create an ultra-personalized garment, mixed with the idea that you give it regarding the moment in which you will wear those clothes: if it is to work, for a party with friends, a formal event, to play sports.

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In fact, I asked you yesterday on Instagram if you would buy a piece of clothing for €100 or USD that they create totally personalized for you based on data obtained from your social networks and the answers were mostly yes, although some people Oman Phone Number List preferred not. use your data. It gives me that in the near future we will have many unique products for us. Sounds good, right? Today I visited the Latin Voices radio station in the city of Toronto.

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