To start these are processes that you can start automating

To start these are processes that you can start automating right now: Capturing leads in exchange for content. For example, through a pop-up that encourages the user to leave their email in exchange for content that will automatically arrive in the mail. Sending personalized newsletters based on interests. Welcome emails. Inactive user recovery campaigns. Abandoned cart recovery campaigns. Cross-selling campaigns (“other products you might be interested in”).


Purchase reminders for products

That are worn out Peru Phone Number and must be replaced every X time). 7) Use affiliate marketing during Christmas Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are just around the corner, and Christmas shopping will begin soon after. This is the busiest time of year for many brands, so it’s also a good time to test marketing strategies like affiliate marketing. 8) Optimize your customer service Retaining customers is much more profitable than acquiring new customers.


To achieve this give your customer service an

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Overhaul with these hacks: Implement a “satisfaction meter” after each interaction to detect problems early. Personalize your email signatures with positive messages. Show the people behind your customer service team, for example through photos and names. Really listen and respond quickly. Compensate customers after a negative experience. 9) Avoid common blogging mistakes Blogs are one of the bases of the content marketing strategy.

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