80’s style is very retro, enough to Sweden Phone Number guide today’s design

We always say that retro is always in Sweden Phone Number fashion, and it is. Thinking back to when we were kids, many designs seeme cooler than they are now. In the past two years, Nexflix’s American drama “Stranger Things” (Stranger Things) has merge the popular elements of the 1980s into a furnace, and it has become a fierce fire. In this year’s hot movie “Ready Player One”, the popular elements of the 1980s are not inferior to the former, and the design elements represente by this have also spread almost explosively on the Internet this year.

Why are the design elements of the 80s so hot? Sweden Phone Number Because the popular typography and color matching in the past 10 years are very representative, the accumulation of the previous decades has been integrate at this stage, creating a series of design styles that are unifie in style and full of individuality. In today’s view, the style of the 1980s is very retro, but many types of typography and font designs from that year are still enough to guide today’s design.

1. Iconic fonts and typography of the 1980s

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Sweden Phone Number

Some of the fonts themselves are imbue with the most quintessential 80s features. The title design of “Stranger Things” is such a font style, when you see it, you  can feel the taste of Stephen King (in fact, he did not write it).

However, one of the most fascinating things about the 80s is that it has a very diverse retro element. Not only such a font is enough “80s”, those block fonts with exquisite details are also very popular styles of the year.

The use of these iconic fonts can visually allow users to quickly perceive the atmosphere of this era.

Stranger Things


2. Seize the popular culture of the year

Many of the popular design styles of the 1980s were roote in the popular culture and TV shows of the time. The return of these styles has a very direct connection with the return of popular film and television works and cultural phenomena. Many of the TV shows of the year have even come back to the screen in a different way.

In the 1980s, almost everything was designe with a feeling of being overstretche. For example, the use of decorative elements and the control of design layers were extremely overstretche even in typography.

Therefore, if you want to find the feeling of the past in the design style, you can grasp the charm of the design from this aspect.



3. Pixel perfect

The 1980s was the starting point of the digital age. Many popular fonts and elements were designe base on the conditions at that time, and various contents were creatd on the priority screen resolution. At that time, designers neede to target the limite pixels on the screen. After accurate design, the visual objects presente by the “pixel wind” later are constructe with different pixel points, but they are pixel-accurate themselves.

The generation born in the 1980s is the backbone of today’s society. They spent a lot of time on video games. This nostalgia from low-resolution displays has been with them until today, and it has become a kind of cultural phenomenon. This is why, today’s pixel-style fonts will be sought after again. From posters to movies to video games, pixel fonts have a place in almost everything.

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