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It’s hard to keep up with the number of new features on Instagram. Sometimes you are pointed to a new feature via a notification in the app, but other updates quietly pass you by. High time for an overview. For example, did you know that you can now add stickers like a poll, quiz or emoji slider to your Reels for more interaction?

8. The mysterious word ‘er’: delete or cherish?

You do n’t always think about it, but the word ‘er’ is actually quite a complicated word to explain to non-Dutch speakers. You can use it as a reference, to avoid repetition or as a subject. Some people even advocate omitting ‘er’ whenever possible, as in the examples below. Why is there so much to do about such a small word? That’s what this article addresses.

9. The best content advice? Go for less & ‘uglier’

Porn, cat videos and memes are the three most viewed things on the internet. Three things that score through imperfection. So why do we try to make the Armenia Phone Number best trailers, videos and photos, when the most viewed content on Earth is low-resolution content? said Ron Simpson of The Avocado Show on Emerce Digital Marketing Live. It’s time to go back to basics with content marketing. Insights and tips can be found in this article.


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10. The Most Hilarious Names and Payoffs [100+]

We close this top 10 with something lighthearted. In this article Arjan Elbers collects the most hilarious names and advertising pay-offs ever conceived. It is packed with inspiration for your company, your mission and vision or your business plan. Sit back and complete the list in the comments.

This was the top 10 of June 2022. Are you curious about the most popular articles from other months? You can find it here .

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