Top 10 E-commerce on Social Networks in 2013

E-commerce sites are ubiquitous on social networks. To stand out, they compete in ingenuity. We had also interviewed the community manager of LDLC on the strategies put in place to attract consumers. To better position e-commerce players on social media. the Ant Voice agency has Kenya WhatsApp Number List updated its inventory. Well-known sites like LDLC are missing. But these stats make it easy to compare numbers from major sites at a glance.

top 10 Facebook On Facebook, La performs! The page of  hosts nearly 2 million fans. Les 3 are also present in this ranking, with more than 600,000 fans. 1,992,853 fans for La  805,287  fans 733,470 fans for Decathlon 616,473 fans for Les 3  612,435 fans for Fnac .

Top 10 Social E-commerce


Twitter The trend is clearly the same on Twitter. The account is followed by more than 400,000 people. Far more than  ranked second with 34,000 fans. The Carrefour group is fifth. 417,756 followers for La Redoute 34,849 followers for Fnac 25,282 followers for Rue du Kenya WhatsApp Number List commerce 13,235 followers for  9,766 followers for Carrefour Google+ Here too, La is a hit. Sarenza, ranked second, has half the number of subscribers to its Google+ page. But these figures date from the end of 2013, the Sarenza account has since tripled in volume thanks to its competition during the winter sales.

57,127 followers for La Red oute 5,635 followers for Sarenza 5,141 followers for 4,304 followers for Fnac 2,241 followers for Rue du commerce In an infographic, here are all the figures counted by Ant Voice. The ranking made last July is available here: Top 10 social e-commerce, July 2013 . ecommerce-december-2013 Related topics: Web culture / Ecommerce Share the article Post a comment.

E-commerce Sites Are Ubiquitous

Kenya WhatsApp Number List
Kenya WhatsApp Number List


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