Top 10 Office Jokes to Spice Up the Return From Vacation

In August, the atmosphere in the office is not always very conducive to efficiency at work… While the others are on vacation, and quietly sipping cocktails with their feet in the water, it is necessary to make progress on the files . But it’s also the perfect time to prepare some good jokes for the return of your colleagues . Small anthology of what you can prepare for them. time travel When the swift i7 with 16 GB of RAM and a dual screen turns into a 1994 version central unit under Windows 3.1. Imagine the face of your colleague when he returns from vacation. The aluminum desk A great classic that you never get tired of: the desk entirely covered in aluminium. Your attention to detail will make the difference! Or paper…

The Aluminum Desk


The newsprint variant also works very well, although less visual! The general keyboard The keyboardgetal is dedicated to lovers of jokes and nature. A few seeds in the keyboard, and here is the result once back from vacation. It’s funny, and it’s also very poetic. Small flat however, it will Lithuania B2B List be necessary to buy a keyboard! Bacon mouse Just a mouse and bacon. To be consumed hot! The magic keyboard If you’re more of a keyboard person, here’s something to increase your colleague’s productivity! The stapled tie A slightly crueler joke, but ideal for motivating a colleague returning tired from vacation. He is falling asleep ? This is the just punishment! office bear The Office Prank Level 99: The Bear in the Office. Not sure that animal advocates appreciate, but here’s something to seriously spice up the return from vacation.

The General Keyboard

Lithuania B2B List
Lithuania B2B List


The kit computer Disassemble the computer piece by piece… a nice puzzle for your colleague back at the office! The office trapped And if your boss is on vacation, he has a sense of humor, and you have 50 packs of foam peanuts, here is what you can reserve for him: And if you’re looking for more ideas, you can always find some on our previous office jokes compilation .Choosing a password is not always easy. You must first find the right balance between a single password, and a different password for each account created on the Internet. Then, the choice of password(s) is difficult. This should be easy for the holder to remember, and difficult for others to find. In any case, certain practices should be avoided. “Popular” passwords are often very easy to guess! Google Apps has just surveyed its users in the United Kingdom. Here are the most used types of passwords according to the Mountain View firm.

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