Traditional Sales Channels Are Becoming Less Reliable

Selling wine on external marketplaces VS on your own site

Aside from Shopify, the ones we’ve seen so far are a selection of external marketplaces that mediate between the commercial seller (in this case you and your company) and end customers.

They take care of the communication between seller and buyer and of economic transactions, while you will still have to take care of the logistical aspects related to the shipment.


Take the time to weigh the pros and cons Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number of each alternative, so you can make an informed choice and avoid having to retrace your steps – and waste time unnecessarily.

Once you have chosen a platform to sell wine online, you can dedicate yourself to the growth and promotion of your brand.

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Is it possible to sell wine on social networks? Attention to regulations


If social media is a platform

with incredible potential to sell T-shirts online or to sell handicrafts , things get slightly different when it comes to selling bottles of wine online.

The main problem is that it is forbidden to sell alcohol on social media, so it is impossible to sell wine online on social media without incurring endless bans and blocks.

Of course, you can still use social media to sell all the objects and services related to your wines: decanters, glasses, corkscrews and so on and so forth.

That’s not to say you don’t have to take your shop to social media, far from it! Simply, you will use social media to increase your brand awareness and make

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