Trends: 50 Essential Statistics on New Technologies

Of course, numbers aren’t everything. And we can make them say whatever we want. But they are still very useful for better understanding technological developments and their impact, especially for companies. This is why Vala Afshar has compiled in a presentation 50 essential figures. Ireland Business Fax List on current trends, to better understand the effects that these changes can have on our daily lives.

Admittedly, a layer of analysis is missing and it is necessary to take a step back from the figures offered. Especially since the sources are vague and they are very centered on the United States. But they are still very interesting. They are classified into 5 categories. Here are some of them, the others are all in the presentation.

More Than 200 Million Tablets Will Be Sold in 2013


Mobile There will be more people accessing the Internet from a mobile or tablet than from a PC in 2015 Half of local searches are conducted from mobile More than 200 million tablets will be sold in 2013 social media 85% of users say that social media helps them in their acts of purchase The age group gaining the most users on Twitter is 55-64 years old Facebook gains 2 new members every Ireland Business Fax List second cloud computing.

A third of IT budgets will be devoted to the cloud in 2013 140,000 hard drives crash every week in the United States Global Cloud Revenue Will Surpass $100 Billion in 2016 bigdata Youtube scans 250 years of videos every day 2.5 billion GB of data are created every day Apps More than 1.5 million apps are available on Google Play and the appstore 82 billion apps will be downloaded in 2013.

Facebook Gains 2 New Members Every Second

Ireland Business Fax List
Ireland Business Fax List


The apps will generate a turnover of 25 billion dollars in 2013.There are skills that are absolutely useless when it comes to computers or the web. If writing quickly can be very useful for example, scrolling quickly is quite useless. Scrolling through the pages is good, but what for? Knowing that a fairly well-designed site will never ask you to fuss over your mouse for long. Except perhaps for the highest Ireland Business Fax List site in the world which measures more than 18 kilometers … But you know human nature, as soon as something is measurable, we have to be able to know who is the best.

This is therefore the case in terms of scroll speed too, with this site which will make you measure yourself on a 100 meters. And smile in hand, this distance is rather very long… You better have competition equipment. Not sure you put your performance on your resume, but it should amuse you for a few minutes. Or create a small competition in the open-space.Click on the image to access the site!

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