Tumblr’s Selection of Animated GIFs, Work Special

Since the publication of our first selection of Tumblr animated GIFs for work, the phenomenon has not lost its vitality. Every day, we see new blogs circulating devoted solely to this collage of animated images and phrases like “When I…” This morning, Priscilla offered you on Mode(s) the Tumblr of a young graduate in job search , very successful. This made us want to offer a second selection of Tumblr revolving around work and office life; little by little, all the trades will end up being represented! Here are some blogs that will allow you to take a little relaxing break, ideal for Friday! office life “Because office life can only be told in gif” indicates this blog. Indeed, the office, whatever it is, is often the source of wacky or caricatural situations.

First Selection of Tumblr Animated Gifs


Bet you’ll recognize some of them in this inspired Tumblr. When your colleagues are a little idle between two projects. From the edition As its name suggests, this Tumblr is devoted to behind the scenes of the publishing professions. Major publishing houses, authors, translators, press officers… Everyone takes it for their rank, with hum our! When the author comes to the office New Zealand WhatsApp Number with your corrections to his manuscript my HR life On the other side of the mirror, we also have funny anecdotes to tell. In this Tumblr, the HRDs let go… You will no longer see recruitment interviews the same way. When a candidate arrives late sky my lab You thought the world of science was boring?

Office Life Can Only Be Told in Gif

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You will be able to revise your judgment. See also: Sky my doctoral student . When someone is looking for the team’s PhD office But who are these people ? But who are these people ? These are the personnel of the French alliances and embassies abroad. The special world of cultural cooperation in animated GIFs! When it’s impossible to have the last word with the cultural attaché Live my life as a civil servant Or rather “civil servant”, as specified in the Tumblr. A somewhat disillusioned vision! When my head of department is too proud of his PowerPoint . consulting life Consultant in what, we don’t really know, but the Tumblr is very funny. We were warned from the start: “the objective To Do of the key success factors to become a leader in ASAP consulting”. An entire program… When my manager entrusts me with an ultra-strategic mission

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