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If you remain a name without a face, people will not care about your brand at all. If you want to make an impact with your target customers, you need to tell your brand’s unique story. What distinguishes you from other companies that sell the same products or services as your company? Why should they buy from you? When your customers understand the mission and vision of your company and WHY it exists, they feel more interested in your brand. Hence, they begin to trust you more. When you insert your brand into their lives, they see you as something indispensable that they cannot live without. If you build a successful relationship, they will patronize your products.

To illustrate, Drunk Elephant does a great job of sharing several clips on social media to let the world know about their free skincare products that are pH-aligned and avoid all the harmful ingredients that everyone uses. They promote Ghana Phone Number their philosophy by: behind-the-scenes videos Employee close-ups Product Manufacturing Clips customer testimonials Videos with close-ups of products Writing about the product, no matter how in-depth, will never bring the same satisfaction as seeing the product up close and personal. Observing what you want closely makes you feel more confident about spending your hard-earned money. If you want your customers to see the details and nuances of your product,

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a close-up video is a must. This allows you to present images of your product from every possible angle. As a result, your customers won’t miss any important details. Generally, any question on their mind will be answered when you show them every detail of what you offer. Video Marketing in eCommerce DJI For example, DJI did a great job of showing all the angles of their DJI FPV drone which is specifically designed for immersive adventure. Those who ask if it’s worth it will get their answers when they see for themselves what this drone can do. Videos with product description A product overview offers much more than a close-up. In addition to showing different angles of the product,

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it discusses its purpose, features, and pricing structure compared to others on the market. You can also discuss where you distribute your product so customers know where to buy it. For example, Sakar Dental always does a great job of presenting explanations about their dental services. Take a look at the different types of content you can create for your product overview: Informational – This video describes what your product is about. It helps you establish authority because it shares useful information. If you want to make sure they buy your products, keep informative product overviews handy at all times. Tutorials – Tutorials or how-to videos are very popular because people want to know how to use your products.

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Since they are spending a lot of money, showing them this demo inspires trust in your brand. After all, this is better than just reading any instruction manual. You can even link this with industry-related content to make it more engaging. User Generated – Nothing beats user generated content because it comes from your various customers. These act as testimonials coming from users who are happy with your brand. Best of all, this doesn’t cost you anything, as you can ask the creator of the original content for permission to share the video on your site and social networks. Messages from the founders or partners Listening to the founder who created the brand makes people feel comfortable.

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