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We can say that the singles networking platform Meetic focuses all of its marketing strategies on reaching its target audience. And therefore does not make joint efforts to reach married people or couples. Clear Sri Lanka Phone Number List goals are critical Unlimited Number to the success of any company. Steps Following these steps we will be able to gain a deep understanding of the public.  And we will do everything in our power to attract them to our brand or retain. There is no doubt that the more we know about the public. The better we can define them, and the easier it will be to make decisions. let’s start. 1-Define the demographics of the client.

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The data that is easiest to get from the client we are addressing is the data related to the demographic context. So, one has to ask the gender variable, male or female? Maybe both. Another very relevant demographic variable is age, because addressing those over 65 is different than targeting teens, as tastes and the forms and channels in which we reach each individual change. The place variable is very important because it allows us to greatly reduce the scope of what we have to focus on. In other words, maybe our product or service is only for Spaniards or people living in Spain, or maybe we only intend to sell locally. As important as it is today, and thanks to e-commerce, we can sell there even if we don’t have a brick-and-mortar store anywhere in the world, so this variable will depend on a simple question.

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Do we want to have e-commerce? 2- Equally important in defining a client’s sociocultural profile are variables related to the sociocultural environment, such as our client’s economic level, their education level, the language they speak, their customs or values. As an example, let’s imagine a company that produces veils for Muslim women promotes these veils in an advertising campaign with a woman in a swimsuit appearing next to the veils. In this case, their customs and values ​​would not be defined, and thus the movement would fail. 3- Define the customer’s digital profile Today, this definition is as important as it was before. That’s it, it’s important to know our client’s user profile, that is, what does he useSocial network? Is he active in the aforementioned media. How often do you browse?

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