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show website visitors that your business is experienced and efficient. Consider adding a live chat option to keep it simple for your audience. Credibility of your site with good customer service Cite your sources that give you credibility Giving credit to your sources increases your trustworthiness. As customers trust you more and more. Consequently, they will validate your sources less and less, but only if you have a history of citing your sources and backing up any claims you make. Customer Testimonials Give You Credibility Social proof in the form of testimonials gives visitors access to the minds of your customers. These testimonials show visitors what it’s like to be your customer.

how you operate, and how you’re perceived. The biggest downside to testimonials is that they’re one-sided, but they’re still a great way to build website credibility. That is why I recommend as much as possible that they be on video if possible. Let’s be honest, nobody puts a negative testimonial on their site. Therefore, putting Vietnam Phone Number them on video speaks of an additional willingness of a client to take the time and recommend you. Includes customer reviews Customer reviews are similar to testimonials in that customers can share their feedback. They take credibility one step further, allowing customers, businesses and the community to have a conversation.

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Reviews generally occur on a separate site from yours so their value is greater than testimonials. If you receive any negative reviews, don’t. No one is perfect in the eyes of everyone. The important thing is that the majority of reviews are positive and this depends on your customer service and the quality of your products or services. Professional reviews boost your credibility These can come from influencers as big as The Consumer, TechCrunch, etc. They can also come from up-and-coming bloggers, individual reviewers with a YouTube channel, and your own customers. These reviews give credibility to your site thanks to the reputation of the person who writes them. One of the review portals that is at your fingertips and easy to implement is Google My Business.

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Create your profile in Google M and Business today, in this blog we tell you how . Trust Seals Independent and trusted authority logos or seals allow you to borrow their credibility as your own. Use trust seals such as GeoTrust, GoDaddy Site Seal.  Norton Secured, PayPal Verified, or Confinza Seals from the Mexican Internet Association.  Seal gives credibility Case studies are reputable.  They are usually in collaboration between the company and the client. Clients share their problems and expectations at the beginning of the relationship, then their experience and the results that followed. Case studies, like testimonials, tend to one.

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However, they increase credibility because customers are willing to share their stories. Influencer Connections This could be as complex as a large professional network and connections with large organizations. Or as simple as partnering with other local or lesser known influencers. The important thing is that the Influencer is reputable and their relationship with your company is consistent. Customer validation is credibility Show your customer lists, the number of customers you have, or the industries your customers are in. When customers see your competitors or other brands they trust using your services, they are more likely to trust your brand. Press or media mentions Media exposure is a powerful credibility booster.

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