Watching this movie won’t be cursed, don’t be afraid

And it’s based on a completely wrong assumption, that you believe the heroine’s Kazakhstan Phone Number words and think that it will “scatter malice and curse”. There is an even more false,

even indifferent and arrogant basis for this argument

if we regard malice as something static rather than a dynamic result, we cannot understand the nature of its events after all.

To put it simply, malice is not inherent, it is raised: we first misunderstood malice, then choose and use malice, then treat malice indifferently, and most importantly,

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we want to transfer malice irresponsibly in the end

(who in some ways represents us in the face of faith).

So, this article is about deconstructing malice and clarifying why “we are not cursed at all”.

This is just a general situation, just as “Walking with God”t situation.” When we unfortunately come to the worst

situation and go to God and worship Buddha, we almost always say: “As long as you can…anything is fine.” This kind of wish is not necessarily related to any desire.┬áPossibly something like:

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