We Can Track Review – Everything You Need to Know

How many activities can I track?

Again, there is no limit to the number Algeria Mobile Number of campaigns you can run or track. However, if you use WeCanTrack to oversee multiple campaigns, you may be maxing out your price plan’s account limit. In this case, you will be automatically upgraded to the next price plan for the next monthly session. For example, a free account only allows 2,000 clicks, after which you’ll move to the Small Affiliate plan which offers 25,000 clicks per month. Transactions, sessions, and network accounts have similar restrictions.

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WeCanTrack Review: WeCanTrack Features

The nice thing about their system is that Algeria Mobile Number all this data is automatically scraped for you. This is then aggregated and layered into tangible sales channels. It even converts your sales and data into your local currency and time zone so you can benefit from easy-to-understand real-time data.

You can use WeCanTrack’s filtering system to target information from different advertisers, accounts and networks to see how they compare. This data can also be extrapolated into visual charts. Graphs and reports to help you measure performance quickly and accurately. You can also easily export data to Excel or CSV documents. To do so, simply hover over the table of information you want and download the report that interests you. Last but not least, you can also customize the dashboard to suit your exact needs. For example, you can showcase certain events or networks that allow you to focus on specific projects.

Google Analytics integration

WeCanTrack enables you to monitor Algeria Mobile Number member data through Google Analytics. Unfortunately, as you probably already know, Google Analytics itself doesn’t allow you to track affiliate links on sites that don’t belong to you. While you can access your personal account’s traffic logs, you won’t be able to get information about conversions generat by your affiliate links.

However, the benefit of WeCanTrack’s integration with Google Analytics is that you can push conversion data into your Google Analytics account. So you can see the financial performance of landing pages, channels, campaigns, and how they map to different demographics, devices, and locations. Armed with all this information, you’ll have a more precise understanding of why some links perform better than others.

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