We Spend More Time Surfing From a Mobile Than From a Desktop Computer

The web data specialist Comscore has just put the figures of its latest study online. And what we learn there is surprising to say the least. While mobile traffic still represents only a minority share of overall traffic (around 18%), it is in the process of exceeding fixed traffic in duration. And above all, for certain sectors, it literally dethrones conventional connections. Desktop vs Mobile If the Bulgaria B2B List statistics put online by StatCounter largely confirm the domination of the desktop over the mobile, they reveal only part of the uses. And it is on the duration of connections that we must look to refine these figures. We surf longer and more mobile The generalization of smartphones and tablets is not only visible in buses, metros and waiting rooms, it can be seen in the evolution of time spent on the web. Between 2010 and 2013, it almost doubled (+93%).

We Surf Longer and More Mobile


And in detail, we realize that the time spent on the desktop has hardly changed in the face of the explosion of mobile. In the United States the time spent on the web has increased by 93% and it is the smartphone which is at the origin of this increase. We even note that this Bulgaria B2B List would have exceeded the fixed traffic (in duration) in May. These startling numbers aren’t all that surprising when compared to recent announcements such as the latest Facebook figures. The social network has indeed announced that 78% of daily users of the network connect via mobile. It would therefore seem that the uses are changing profoundly. Google dominates all of its competitors. A domination such that some search engines no longer hesitate to impose themselves on the computers of individuals. We then speak of PUP (potentially unwanted program) or LPI (potentially unwanted software).

The Web Data Specialist Comscore

Bulgaria B2B List
Bulgaria B2B List


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