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When an Internet user monitors, gathers articles or photos, selects them. And then shares them with the community, we speak of content curation. This practice is very popular today, thanks to social networks and specific services. On this subject, Scoop.it is a reference. The tool makes it possible to identify interesting content. Connect its presence on social networks to identify links not to be missed. And browse the monitoring of Internet users. Marc Rougier, President of Scoop.it, is therefore one of the people best placed to talk about curation.

Independent consultant in social media strategies and community manager About 200 people are expected, mainly communication, marketing and digital professionals. Do not hesitate to go there, the conference is completely free and open to all. Go here to register . Obviously, a Scoop.it dedicated to web content marketing strategies has been created for the occasion.

When an Internet User Monitors


And to access the conference, a single address: 46 rue Barrault, 75013 Paris, on July 8 at 6:00 p.m.It’s no mystery to anyone: we don’t read the terms of use of the sites and services we visit. People who say otherwise often lie to themselves or have a lot of time in front of them. Just as we are still of age on the Internet, we are also loyal readers of the 30,000 character Terms of Service. We even Panama B2B List frantically scroll the page when necessary to activate the checkbox. However, these texts are important because they contain essential information to know about the practices of websites and services with regard to their rights and those of their users.

As proof, this experiment carried out by the PC Pitstop site almost 8 years ago: a mention in the conditions of use of one of its software made the first person contacting them to claim it earn $1,000. It took 4 months before someone contacted them regarding this hidden clause, thus winning the €1,000 at stake.

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The anecdote went around the web and despite its age, it remains relevant. One site decided to change that and combat this disinterest in terms of service. Named ToS;DR (for Terms of Service; Didn’t Read, a relevant variation of the famous Too Long; Didn’t Read), the site lists the conditions of use of more than 70 sites, services and even online games.It is interesting to see that everyone can react and debate on the passages put forward.

Thus, 500px, Twitpic or even YouTube have the worst ratings, knowing that we are still awaiting evaluations for Facebook, Twitter or even Skype. In the meantime, the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) publishes its annual report “Who has your back? rating the main web services according to their respect for user privacy and their political commitment to greater transparency on the web..

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