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A good example is this article you are reading. Produce extensive, high-value content According to Hubspot , the ideal length for a blog post is 2,100 to 2,400 words. However, that is just a starting point. Before deciding on the optimal length of your content, Google your main keyword and visit the top 10 results in the SERPs. Are any of those pages longer than 2,100 words? Then yours should be too. Length isn’t everything. However, it sends a signal to Google that you are providing more information. If a lot of people spend a lot of time on that page, reading to the end, you’re more likely to rank higher. The important thing is to make the content interesting and relevant.

Don’t make it long if this makes it tedious and repetitive. Optimizing your site for on-page SEO On-page SEO tells you how to optimize your website when you are creating specific pages. Factors like headings, subheadings, friendly URLs , and meta-tags fall into this category. Use your main keyword in your title, preferably as close to the Costa Rica Phone Number beginning as possible. It should also appear in the url and in at least one subtitle. Throughout the body of the copy, aim for 0.5% to 2.5%. Try not to go over the upper limit to avoid looking like a keyword hoarder. Spread your primary and related keywords throughout your body text, subheadings, and image alt text.

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Include plenty of context for each so Google understands precisely what you’re talking about. Optimize your website for off-page SEO Off-page SEO, also called off-site SEO, refers to the ways you optimize your website through external means. Guest blogging, social media activity, influencer marketing, and brand mentions can all improve your site’s SEO. We’ll talk specifically about backlinks a bit later, but links in general can make a big difference to SEO. You don’t want to get links from small sites with little authority. They won’t help (and can hurt). Contrarily, you want to target well-respected publications when looking for backlinks. Optimize website for mobile SEO With more and more people accessing websites through mobile devices.

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you don’t want to miss out on those potential conversions. Also, Google has launched the mobile-first index, which means you could rank better if you focus on mobile device compatibility. Responsive design offers the easiest solution. Speed ​​up your website pages Page speed is important when it comes to both SEO and conversions. If you visit a website that takes forever to load, chances are you’ll click the back button and look for something else. Likewise, if you’re filling out a form that refuses to submit due to slow speed, you’ll eventually give up. Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights gives.

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you valuable insights into how fast your site loads on all devices and what specific things you can fix to make your site faster. Get quality backlinks Backlinks or backlinks are a primary factor in helping your website rank better. When high-quality sites link to yours, Google interprets the link as a sign of your site’s credibility. As you build a strong backlink profile, your pages will rank higher. Getting quality backlinks takes effort, but you will see results. Consider emailing influencers and other blogs in your niche. Share your article with them and direct them to a page where you’ve shared some of its content. Can SEO improve your website conversions?

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