Website Visits Choose Ghana Phone Numbers Objective

If you want to focus on driving people to your website. Engagement: Choose this objective if you want to focus on getting people to engage with your linkedin ads and your business’s page. Video views: Running a video ad on linkedin? You can set video views as your objective to focus on getting people to watch your video ads. These ads are a great option if you want to increase engagement with your business and nudge prospects towards conversion. 3. Conversion objectives The last set of objectives we’ll cover in this linkedin advertising guide is conversion objectives.

Conversion Objectives Are Ones

You set when you want people to take the next step. There are four types of objectives you can choose from: Website conversion: If you want to get people to buy your products or use your services. You can set this as your Ghana Phone Numbers objective. Lead generation: Looking to capture leads? You can set up your ad objective to focus on generating leads. Job applicants: Using linkedin ads to hire people? You can set job applicants as your objective. Talent leads: Looking to generate qualified leads for your job openings.

Ghana Phone Numbers

You Can Set This Objective

To generate top talent for your open positions. You have numerous great options for setting conversion objectives for your linkedin ads. Linkedin advertising guide part 3: How to advertise on linkedin Now that you know the types of linkedin ads you can create and the objectives you can set. It’s time to learn how to develop top-performing ads. Here are the seven steps to follow to set up your linkedin ads: Create your ad Set your objective Choose your audience Select your format Choose your placement

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