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As a mature product on the market, the call center system has been very stable. Now, more and more call center suppliers are studying the functions of artificial intelligence and applying them to the business scenarios of phone number list various enterprises to empower enterprises. When asked to be a call center by the leader: “OMG, what the hell”? As a product, I am completely confused: Why make a call center? What is a call center? What features are included? Where should I start designing? With these questions, I went to the Internet to check phone number list various information, x degrees, x hu, and some forums, etc.

Hardware Part phone number list

but there is no relatively complete introduction. It may be more about the phone number list knowledge of the code level or the architecture level. It is impossible for the product manager to understand this, let alone how to design it. Later, through the company’s slow use of other suppliers’ products and phone number list the formation of a call center technical team, I gradually understood the mystery. It has been almost 2 years since I started contacting the call center. It can be said that I have stepped on countless pits.

Call Center Service phone number list

phone number list

The ancients said: If you eat hard and suffer, you will become a superior phone number lists person. Based on my experience, I think it is, if you step on the pit, you will be able phone number list to avoid all poisons, easily recognize the pit and jump over the pit. So next, I will share some basic components and principles of the call center. Including how to design as a product, I hope that newcomers who want to make a call center system can avoid detours. To make a system, we must first understand its principles before we can know how to start. Let’s take a look at the above picture.

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